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LOTTE USA, Inc., headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lotte Co., Ltd. of Japan. Established in September of 1978, Lotte USA, Inc. manufactures chewing gum base, and imports cookies. Lotte USA. Inc. operates a vigorous export business of gum base to our parent and affiliate companies.

Koala’s March is a bite-sized cookie snack with sweet filling inside. The product was released in March 1984 as “Koala Yummies” in the United States.

History of Lotte

It all began with one man, Takeo Shigemitsu in 1948 Japan, a world-class conglomerate grew from selling the simple concept of chewing gum sales.

The name of Lotte came from Mr. Shigemitsu’s fondness for the character of Charlotte in Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther.” Since our founding in Japan in 1948, the Lotte Group has been guided by a philosophy from the perspective of the customer, searching for original concepts, and the demands of quality products. The foundation of the Group’s business was erected in Japan and then expanded to South Korea. Lotte is now comprised of more than 60 affiliated companies world-wide, with a family of 38,000 employees. With our base established in confectionary, the Lotte group expanded.

Lotte is vested in several other industries: Foods, Beverages, Dairy Products, Restaurants, Tourism, Construction, and Chemicals to name a few. For the 21st, century, Lotte is investing in environmental issues and information technology. China was the original overseas host for a Lotteria fast-food restaurant in 1995. Since the debut in Tokyo, in 1972, Lotteria has become the top fast-food chain in South Korea. Currently, there are over 1,000 outlets in China, Taiwan and several other Asian countries with plans to expand to Vietnam. In Japan, the Group is developing delicatessens and bakeries combined with Lady Borden ice cream shops.

Koala’s March supports the Australian conservation group Australian Koala Foundation.

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Lotte Group


1. Head Office
20-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome, Shinjyuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 160-0023

2. Lotte USA Inc.
Import and sales of Lotte products and
production of chewing gum base

3. Lotte Group Korea
Production, sale, and distribution of sweets and foodstuffs; tourism and services; heavy chemicals; finance business; etc.

4. Thai Lotte Co. Ltd.
Production and sale of chewing gum, candy and cookies.

5. PT. Lotte Indonesia
Production of chewing gum and candy

6. Lotte Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Production and sale of chewing gum and candy

7. Lotte China Foods Co., Ltd.
Production and sale of chewing gum, cookies (semi-baked cake, Koala March)

8. Lotte Taiwan Confections Co., Ltd
Import and sales of Lotte Products

9. Lotte China Investment Co., Ltd.
Administration of Chinese businesses, sale of Lotte products

10. Lotte Malaysia
Import and sale of Lotte products

11. Lotte Trade and Distribution
Sale of chewing gum and candy

12. Lotte Confectionary Philippines
Import and sale of Lotte products

Import and sales of Lotte products

Production and sale of chocolate